Wouldn't you like a steady stream of qualified leads, each costing less than a click in Google AdWords?

MyVacationBrochures is America's original, most cost-effective and N° 1 pay-per-lead vacation travel advertising channel.

Ensure your prospects find you

While the travel industry focuses on online bookings, frets over "going direct", and waits for CRM and email systems that will "do everything", your customers are flocking to the Internet for information, making decisions and going to the travel agent to book with their minds made up.
  • 83% of leisure travelers research their options on the Internet before they book
  • 86% of those who research their options online will do so before they set foot inside a travel agency
  • 76% do so when they are three to six months away from booking
  • 87% intend to book via an agent once their research is complete
These figures come from a survey of 1,200 leisure travel buyers and 10,105 people searching for vacation travel on the Internet, conducted by Leads Corp between 2002 and 2007.

This means that you have a three to six month window during which to convert a Prospect. Allowing time for the involvement of the Travel Agent in the process, the actual time-frame is about three months. After that, they've bought from someone else.

MyVacationBrochures is unique

Only MyVacationBrochures focuses exclusively on marketing vacation travel – delivering qualified prospects, actively researching their vacation travel options, in the correct state of mind and at the perfect time in the buying cycle.
Only MyVacationBrochures offers you these key advantages:
  • A steady stream of qualified prospects, actively researching their vacation travel options, at the perfect time in the buying cycle
  • Free listing of your brochures
  • Large images of your brochure covers, displayed for free
  • Limitless free content – including full details on any of your brochures
  • An extensive and focused network of affiliates, delivering exclusive prospects from corners of the Internet that our less focused competitors don't even know exist
  • Deep linking to individual brochures, which are listed on Google and Yahoo as well as on our affiliate network
  • An automated lead conversion service that keeps your product and your brand top-of-mind during the crucial short-listing period

User-friendly MyVacationBrochures site

MyVacationBrochures will launch this month. Designed after extensive user-testing, the site will enhance your qualified prospects, make it easier for them to find the brochures that suit them and significantly boost your rankings on all the major search engines. These fantastic benefits will be yours – free – when you join us.
No minimum contracts – no risk
The site works purely on a success basis and you only pay for the leads we send you. There are no display or set up costs or ongoing fees, other than the cost per lead, and there are no minimum contracts. You can withdraw at anytime without penalty – no risk.
Cost per lead only, no other charges
Leads are billed at $1.90 monthly in arrears and accounts are payable within 30 days. There are no other fees or charges.
You can also "cap" the weekly leads you get if you want to work from a fixed weekly ad budget.
Digital brochures
You can offer prospects printed brochures in the mail or digital brochures for immediate download, or a choice of either. Digital brochures can be supplied in PDF or any e-brochure format.
Choose the categories in which you wish your brochures to appear – you can set the same brochure in multiple categories at the same time, with no concerns about people ordering it twice.
Lead file formats
Lead files are forwarded twice weekly as a .CSV file. You are free to specify the order of the fields and any headers or additional fields that your fulfilment processes require. This makes it easy to transfer your leads file into your fulfilment system.
Brochure Detail pages
The Brochure Detail page is accessed by clicking the "more" link at the end of every short description. You can put anything you like on the Brochure Detail page, the only restriction being that you cannot link to any external site. As these pages are getting high rankings in the main Search Engines, we would strongly encourage you to use them.
Content updates, additions or deletions
There is no charge for us to update your content and changes that you send us are usually executed on the same day. You can also access your online content yourself at www.myvacationbrochures.com/operator and entering your Operator ID and password.
Lead Maximiser – follow up your prospects
This is an innovative service we are about to deploy. For just $0.25 per lead, we will email all your leads 10 days after sending you the leads file. We will include content which you specify.
Email our segmented travel database
For a low $0.30 per email address, we will email all or segments of our highly-responsive database of active travel seekers with your brochure launch or special offer. The $0.30 fee is deducted for anyone ordering your brochure from us from this email blast, so you still pay only $1.90 per lead.
Free Promotions
We also promote both the site and specific brochures from time to time. There is no fee to be featured in these promotions, other than the lead fee. Leads do increase dramatically when we do these promotions.
There are more exciting new developments coming on stream in the coming months, including permission-based emails to our highly qualified database, each of whom we know are actively looking for leisure travel products.
Referring sites
Our main referring sites include: Google organic, Google AdWords, Yahoo organic, Yahoo Search Marketing, Ask, PureProfile.com, SheSaid, AOL, TripAdvisor.com, Mywebsearch.com, Workingholidayguru.com, Altavista organic, Travellingfit.com, Seniorscard, Traveloscopy.com, Live organic, Adlandoz.com, Travelpost.com, Alphalink, search.myway.com.
%FIELD:417%, I hope we can work together to enable you to make the most of the MyVacationBrochures system. Getting started is easy. Email me now and you'll get your first leads within just a few days.
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